Residential Roofing Installation

residential roof installation

Premium Custom Roof Services

ASR ROOFING provides homeowners and property developers with the best in custom residential roof installation service across Charlotte, NC. We build premium roofs in a variety of materials, all at different price points, to make your home look amazing and perform the way you deserve. Get the safety and incredible curb appeal you’ve always wanted with a high-quality roof built to your specifications. Our team of expert roofers will talk to you about what you want for your home and develop a plan that delivers on your vision. As a local roofing contractor, we’re excited about helping homeowners in our community with superior roofing tools and technology. We’ll get the right team to you in no time to make your roof look fantastic and do the job right.

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Expert Residential Roof Installation

Whether you are building a new home, want to upgrade to a new modern roof, or need to replace an older roof, the contractor you choose will have a huge impact on the results. At ASR ROOFING, we work every day with homeowners to make their dream homes a reality. We specialize in the latest in roofing technology to install a great roof on your house that stands the test of time.

When you call us, we pick up the phone. We’re a local company, and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service to all of our clients. There are no long hold times or far off appointment windows. We will get someone out to you quickly to take a look at your roof and talk to you about your options. Because we’re local, we know how things like weather, local styles, and other conditions make one roofing material or design better than another. We’ll talk you through our design process, listen to what your goals are, and find a perfect roofing solution that checks all of the boxes.

When it’s time to install your roof, we’ll work around your schedule and inside your budget. Our team will do its best to minimize any disruption to your normal life. ASR ROOFING allocates the necessary resources required to make your residential roof installation experience efficient. We’ll get your roof installed quickly with unmatched attention to detail.

You’ll have a single point of contact throughout the installation process to keep you updated and answer any questions you have. We will never leave you in the dark and want you to be as much a part of the installation as possible. Every homeowner is different with regards to how involved they want to be, and we can accommodate you wherever you feel comfortable.

Customer Service Excellence

Every residential roof installation project we take on is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to love your roof and won’t stop until that’s what happens. We use the best in roofing materials to make sure your roof last for years and looks terrific throughout its lifespan.

We will also work with you on a scheduled maintenance plan that keeps your roof in top condition once it’s installed. There are simple things that you can do as a homeowner that will add years to your life. We can also make scheduled service appointments to inspect your roof and deal with any necessary repairs before leaks, holes, or any emergencies develop. That will likely save you thousands of dollars and plenty of headaches over the lifespan of your roof. You can extend how long it can stay on your house and keep it looking great.

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